Gwyn joined the Animal Eye Specialist team in January 2016. She has worked in the veterinary field as a receptionist since 2009. Gwyn started out in general practice, then worked in internal medicine and oncology for a short period. Gwyn has always had a love for animals, art and reading. In 2014, Gwyn started a small pet artwork business combining two of her passions. “I start and end every piece with the eyes. The eyes tell you so much about the personality of the animal.”  Working in animal ophthalmology seemed like a natural transition. “Eyes are so much more complex than you would think. I am really enjoying learning more about the health and anatomy of the focus of my artwork.” Gwyn has three hounds named Lola Longbottom (Basset Hound mix), G-Ya (Rhodesian Ridgeback), and Axle (Rhodesian Ridgeback). She is also owned by a very bossy cat named Popi Cat Extraordinaire. 

Our Team

Gwyn, Receptionist

In 2004, Crystal graduated from Cedar Valley College with a degree in Veterinary Technology and became registered in the state of Texas. In 2014 she became licensed in accordance with the new laws passed by the TVMA. Crystal has over 10 years experience with small and exotic pets in general practice. She was very excited to join Animal Eye Specialists and take the next step in her career.
Crystal resides in Rowlett with her husband and their pets Joon (mini-dachshund mix), Crusty Cat (domestic long hair with a lengthy history of allergy issues), & Arnie (cockatiel). She enjoys baking, reading, and doing just about anything crafty!

Crystal, Veterinary Technician