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blind pet vision loss

Living with Blind Pets

Living with a blind pet can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be overwhelming and challenging, particularity at the onset.  Many pets adapt remarkably well to losing their vision.  In time you'll find them gaining more confidence and navigating around the house.

We have provided some resources below to help you through this transition.  Remember - our staff is here to support you as well, so don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and/or concerns. 

Support Group

Living with Blind Pets is a support group created by Animal Eye Specialists for our clients as well as others living with blind pets.  This is a fantastic resource, as it gives you an opportunity to collaborate with and gain support from folks who are successfully making it work with blind pets. 


For millions of people, their pet is a beloved member of the family. For these people, the loss of a pet's vision can be especially difficult. Blind Devotion is a book these people can turn to. The author connects with her audience by sharing a touching, warm story of her own blind dog. Cathy Symons uses her vast experience as a veterinary technician and canine rehabilitation practitioner to offer advice on caring for a blind dog and enhancing their lives through environmental enrichment vital to maintaining a joyful life. Ms. Symons educates the reader on what it means to be blind, how to keep your pet safe, how to stimulate other senses, making life enjoyable for your pet and developing new commands. The author also discusses difficult topics such as quality of life, commitment, anxiety, enucleation, and addressing owner emotions. By sharing her story, the author offers reassurance and guidance, shares ideas, and gives hope.




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