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descemetocele conjunctival flap

Animal Eye Specialists operates on a referral basis and operates to serve as an extension of the care you provide to your clients. We provide complete and professional eye care in all aspects of veterinary ophthalmology, including examination, diagnosis, treatment of medical conditions, full range of surgery, including advanced microsurgery, and comprehensive follow-up medical and post surgical care.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to working very closely with you in providing rapid communication in order to provide the most comprehensive and coordinated care available to your patients. You can rest easy knowing your clients will only see a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Your Referrals

Please provide us with a completed referral form (printable form at the bottom of page), along with the patient's medical history (at least the past 6 months), and any recent lab results. This information can be filled out and uploaded online, faxed to us at 972-437-3938, or emailed to Please instruct your client to call for an appointment and to bring any current medications along with them to the exam. 

Emergency Services During Normal Office Hours

If an emergency occurs during normal business hours, please call 972-437-3937 for instructions. All emergencies will be seen as soon as possible. Your call may be answered by voicemail if we are assisting another client. Please leave your name and phone number. We check our messages frequently and will return your call as soon as possible. Daytime work in emergencies will incur emergency charges.

Emergency Services During Non-Office Hours

(Current clients and referring veterinarians only)

During non-office hours, Animal Eye Specialists can be reached by pager during on call hours. The on call hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Our emergency pager number is 972-268-2744. If you are calling outside of on call hours and you feel that your pet has an ophthalmic emergency, please go to the nearest emergency clinic for evaluation.


When calling the pager, please leave your name and contact information along with a detailed message. If you do not receive a call back from us within 20 minutes, please call again to make sure we received your message. After hours emergency fees will apply for visits outside of our normal business hours.


This service is available for referring veterinarians and existing clients only. New clients should be evaluated by their veterinarian or at an emergency clinic and the treating doctor should call to refer if needed. We will need detailed exam information to determine if  your pet needs to be seen immediately or if it can be seen on the next business day.


Please note: The after hours on-call technician does not call in medication refills or make/reschedule appointments. Please call during our normal business hours for anything non-emergent.

Phone Consultations

Please feel free to call our office at any time. We are happy to provide phone consultations as needed.

Timely Communication

You can expect to receive a thorough summary of the pet's visit on the same day that the patient is evaluated (usually within an hour of the exam). This summary will include findings and recommended medical or surgical treatment. We will send these detailed exam and treatment notes home with your client as well. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about the visit.

Required Forms

Please fill out a referral form and fax to 972-437-3938 or email to prior to sending a patient to Animal Eye Specialists. This makes it easier for us to assist them by phone and schedule appropriately. You can fill out the form online or download by clicking one of the links below. 

If you would like referral materials mailed to you clinic please fill out the form below.

If any changes have been made to your doctors on staff please let us know so we may update our system.

Materials Needed:

Thanks for submitting!


Submit Online

This form is for referring doctors only. If you are a client, please use the New Client Form.

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