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We hope that you and your pet enjoy your time with us! We strive to make our facility warm, inviting, and relaxing. We look forward to seeing you!

Photo of facility


Dogs love our front yard! We have space for walking and checking out the latest wild life smells. On your way inside they can stop and take a "break" at our red fire hydrant!

Come inside!

We have a double door vestibule so that you may safely enter and exit the lobby. Windows allow a sneak peek in case your furry friend needs to avoid other animals!

Different view of lobby & fireplace

Make yourself at home!

We have a spacious lobby with nooks so your pet can have plenty of room while they are waiting. They can watch the birds and squirrels outside from our window seats. During the winter months, we keep it nice and cozy inside with a fire in the fireplace!

Time for your exam!

We have 4 fully equipped exam rooms available to see patients. We have one room with a lift table for our short dogs such as Corgis, Basset Hounds, and Bulldogs. Our other two dog rooms allow us to fold the tables down so our large breed dogs have plenty of space to move around. We also offer ample treat opportunities!


Cats only!

Room 4 is dedicated to our feline friends. We make every effort to put cat patients straight into a room to wait in order to keep their stress levels down. We spray pheromones in the room and provide special treats that most cats can't get enough of! We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible for the time they are with us.


We are equipped for full monitoring during your pet's surgery including ECG, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide output, blood pressure, temperature, as well as a manual Doppler for additional monitoring of the heart. Your pet will be kept on IV fluids and will be nice and warm from our patient warming pad. Our team will watch them closely and your pet will have an assigned nurse who will stay with them from start to finish!

Surgery room
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Give us a call to schedule your visit! 972-437-3937

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