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  • Crystal Chandler, LVT

How can you help your pet with dry eye?

Updated: May 22

The number one thing you can do is be consistent. Commitment to your pet's treatment makes all the difference in the outcome!

Dry eye can cause pigment which can continue across the entire cornea and cause vision impairment or loss.

Dry Eye Medications

We often have clients who stop all of their pet's medications for dry eye because the eyes look so much better. They seem comfortable and no longer have discharge or crusting. The reality is, the eye drops have no lasting effect and they don't "cure" dry eye. The eyes look so much better because they are receiving consistent treatment. Once the drops are stopped, tears dry up and we are back at square one. The other problem is, the medications may not be as effective when they are restarted.

Long Term

You and your pet will benefit from long term, consistent treatment! Keeping them on the prescribed medications, continuing rechecks with a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, and monitoring for changes will help reduce the number of secondary complications from dry eye. Keep it up, we know you can do it!

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