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  • Crystal Chandler, LVT

The Cone of Shame!

We hear lots of reasons why owners don't want to use The Cone however, there are also lots of reasons why it should be used. Read on to learn the answers to our most frequent concerns.

My pet can't eat with a cone on.

Most pets actually will eat with the e-collar on! Make sure that the bowl is small enough for the cone to go over it and that it is far enough away from the wall. We have a few pets who are a bit timid and the noise from the cone may startle them. Occasionally they won't take food or water from a bowl and may need some help. You can try offering food on a small plate or hand feeding. If these don't work we advise owners to remove the cone for feeding but to sit with the pet so they don't rub at their eyes.

Can I take it off while my pet sleeps?

We do not recommend removing the cone for sleeping. Pets can actually sleep very comfortably in their e-collars since it lays flat when they have their head against the ground. You may be lulled in to a false sense of security by a sleeping pet - if they aren't 100% supervised you are risking your pet causing trauma to their eye.

He/She can't use the dog door!

During the time following any surgery or procedure, pets should not be left outside unattended. We recommend blocking off the dog door and manually letting your pet in and out until they are healed. Remember, it's only temporary! Leaving a pet outside unattended with an e-collar on could be dangerous.

I have a soft e-collar/inflatable e-collar. Can't I just use that?

Unfortunately, no. These e-collars do not protect the head at all. Soft e-collars can easily be pushed out of the way or rubbed against the eye with a paw. The "donut" style collars leave the entire face unprotected. It is very easy for pets to rub their eyes on furniture, floors, and even their owners!

We know that no one likes to subject their pets to wearing The Cone but it is all worth it to keep your pet safe and keep from delaying the healing process or having to repeat surgery. They are highly adaptable and will usually get used to wearing it after a day or two!

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